A lot of remixes were made for the Adele song Skyfall, from the James Bond film of the same name, but my favorite by far was by Joe Gauthreaux and Brian Cua. I think it best captured the spirit of a Bond theme within a dance mix. One of the challenges with this edit is that Adele never made an official music video for the song… the first time a Bond movie didn’t have an accompanying music video for a long time. So to create this dance mix video I combined Adele’s live performance from the Oscars with clips from the film, including the opening titles without the graphics… I was very lucky in stumbling upon this. The lip sync was tough because Adele’s live performance tempo was not the same as the dance mix but after lots of trial and error I got it to the point I think worked. This edit was one of the more time consuming ones I’ve done but also one of the more satisfying. I always wanted to edit a Bond film!