I’ve never been a huge fan of Usher… I’ve been aware of him of course but never went out of my way to listen to his music. But when his new song “Scream” came out I found myself really liking it and anticipating the video. I also found an excellent dance remix of the song done by Seamus Haji so I seriously thought about taking a stab at a re-edit of the music video. The final element that pushed me over the edge was some abstract footage of Usher that was used to promote a live web concert. This footage appeared to be shot at the same time as the Scream footage and I thought it would edit in wonderfully with the existing music video. By the way, the video was filmed at the Fuerza Bruta show in New York City. For those of you that do not know, Fuerza Bruta is sort of like a Cirque du Soleil show with strong audience interaction elements.

Please note: I am NOT the original editor of the Scream music video. About 70-80% of the above version of Scream was taken straight from the original music video edit with no changes. But there were parts of the original music video that did not sync with the dance remix so I re-edited the footage, tweaking it slightly in certain sections, then edited in the new footage of the dance montages that was not seen in the original music video, all with the goal of creating a new, derivative work that hopefully supports the dance remix in a pleasing way.